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"If Jon Bon Jovi & Diana Ross had a LOVE CHILD it would be Larry Atello!"

Though he's had his up's and downs in the music business, this native New Yorker has never lost sight of becoming one of the best entertainers around.  Currently starring in Tony n' Tina's Wedding at Ballys Resort & Casino on the Las Vegas Strip, Larry also dazzles audiences with his Bon Jovi tribute band, Jon Bovi.

Although he's a huge fan of R&B, Larry was greatly influenced by the works of Bon Jovi - particularly the "Slippery When Wet" album.  This wide spectrum has helped shape Larry into one of greatest talents in Las Vegas.  As one reviewer exclaims, "...Larry Atello, actually goes beyond all expectations with a performance that is at once unexpected, and powerful."

Halfway between the soul of R&B and the swagger of hard rock lays the heart, the music and the home of Larry Atello.  From a large family, Larry enjoyed a captive audience and developed a love of performance as a child that remains evident in his live shows today.  But, you could say that his musical career began with his school chorus at New Utrecht High School in Brooklyn, New York.  This provided him a solid foundation to his first solo effort.

"Working 'live' is what gives me the most satisfaction as an artist.....It's instant gratification.....I get to see the affect that  music has on people.....It's honest, sometimes brutally so."  Larry's background includes everything from rhythm and blues to jazz, nostalgia, pop and rock.  "All I ever wanted to do was sing.....regardless of the material; I hope that a part of me comes through the music."

What obviously comes through is his voice, a wide open, dynamic and expressive instrument which Larry uses to dive into emotion of his songs by dragging notes, growling phrases and unpredictibily altering his tone.  It's what his listeners notice first and forget last.

Larry is the voice audiences have been craving.  A voice that weaves together the wide-ranging elements of his experience into a musical tapestry that the listener can find threads of themselves in.  HIs multifaceted musical influences, the depth of his song writing and the charisma of his live performances blend fluidly to create the powerful musical talent that is Larry Atello.

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